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That’s not a name. I don’t have a niece.

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"The “what ifs” and “should haves” will eat your brain."
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fill ur pockets with spaghetti to prevent people from pickpocketing u

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i may not be your cup of tea but i’m your 10th shot of tequila

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why is it that were always told not to get tattoos at a young age because we “will regret it later on” when we are basically told to choose a career path by age 18? i’d rather be 40 years old with a tattoo that meant something to me when i was young than be 40 years old not wanting to get out of bed to go to a job that i hate because i was forced to decide on a career in my teens

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how did you go from cute to annoying so fast

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i wanna get drunk and kiss a lot and not think for a while

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what do you mean we’re not friends we’ve talked once

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you know when you say something 

and it’s just 

why the fuck did i say that

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"If you can just stop loving her then you never really loved her at all. Love doesn’t work that way. If you ever truly love someone, then it never goes away. It can become something else. There are all different sorts of love. It can even become hate—a thin line and all that—and, really, hate is just another kind of caring."
Blakney Francis, Someone I Used to Know (via whentheheartwaits)

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things i needed to hear in health class:

  • puberty might make you squishier and its ok
  • vaginas have a smell and it’s a ok
  • all kinds of people with all kinds of bodies have gr8 sex
  • genitals do not all look the same and variety is rad
  • people have stretch marks sometimes
  • people have pimples on their butts sometimes
  • people have cellulite sometimes
  • gender =/= sex
  • sex =/= scary danger FEAR
  • bodies aren’t scary or gross or sacred 
  • everything is ok

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